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What Is Partner Marketing?

Partner marketing is a promotion strategy that requires you to look for other companies or brands to help you grow your own business – which is great because whether you’re just starting out or you’re vet in the game, you could always stand to leverage someone else’s branding active audience  – and most importantly good reputation. Having other brands draw attention from themselves and onto you signals to consumers that hey this person just might be legit.

What Are Some Benefits Of Partner Marketing?

#1 Sharing customers instead of competing for them

It is so easy to see people in your niche or adjacent to your niche and look at them as competition. Instead you could both have the same customers. Think of it this way now that that’s that’s an explosive idea. So think about it like this: if I sell soap I should be partnering with people who sell loofahs, or body spray because the same people who use soaps, use other things in their bath routine. 

#2 Reinvention

You can definitely spruce up your brand by working with other brands or people in various capacities. Brand reinvention does not always look like new brand colors or a new logo. Sometimes, introducing new faces to your brand for a temporary or long-term collaboration is just what you need to give your brand a face lift.

#3 Building trust

Working with reputable brands can instantly boost your social credit score with their audience and your onlookers. Working with other brands can persuade onlookers to become audience members and eventually customers.

#4 Sales and conversions

Customers come with partnerships if they are executed strategically. Ultimately, you want your audience or another audience to DO something as a result of your partnership. Whatever it is. a well matched partner should help those actions.

Want to know the pitfalls and best practices of brand partnerships? Click the video above or the podcast below to hear what we shared with our #startgirls

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