Naturally Phased, LLC – Get Hip to this amazing business owner

Let me introduce you to the owner of Naturally Phased, LLC!

I met DC Native, Kalyn Young founder of Naturally Phased a while back at an event for Black Girls Do. Her energy was almost tangible. As the event came to a close – Selfies were taken and social media information was exchanged.We stayed in touch via social media and I got to witness her launch and grow her business, Naturally Phased, LLC. She has inspired me on so many levels and I consider her little sister.

A little bit about the origins of Naturally Phased, LLC, growing up with sensitive skin and being allergic to nickel and trying to go through middle and high school with constant migraines, Kalyn started resorting to a more holistic lifestyle. From food to oils to herbs she found comfort.

In 2012 she birthed a beautiful sensitive, eczema prone baby girl. Finding out the hard way, dealing with rashes and late crying nights (baby and Kalyn) she had to resort again to natural foods, herbs and oils.

Moving into a new space and dealing with different water pressure her daughters skin started to change and irritate her. Just about time the whole bath bomb craze popped. With research she created a bath bomb for her daughter’s skin and for her migraines/stress.

She began to make products for herself and her daughter and began to share them with others. She hosts monthly Self care events that bring products and people together to learn more about actively practicing self care and self love. 

She has an amazing list of products such as Aura which is a smokeless sage spray that is a combination of natural and essential oils that will help balance energies and your Aura throughout the day. You can spray yourself or your space with a light mist and the great part is that is it smokeless. 

She also has an assortment of bath soaks that come with no mess all natural cotton bags that are reusable and will not clog your tub.

All of her products can be used as a skin care routine or an addition to your self care regimen.

She has also begun hosting a series of popups that bring products and services from women in front of new customers. She strives to provide a platform for others to succeed and to keep going within their businesses. 

Follow her on all Social Media Platforms to see where she will be popping up next and what new products are coming from her. 


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