My Chat with Vegan Girl with Curves

I must say I have some amazing women in my tribe. 

One in particular has been in my life for a couple of years and I have seen her grown so much 

What inspired you to start vegan girl with curves? 

Inspiration came from being vegan myself and the transition was easy for me so I wanted to share my journey with everyone else. 

As a black woman, do you see a lot of  people in your community exploring the vegans or a

I do not see as many as I like in my immediate company. I had to branch out to a larger circle and expand my community who are 

African American Vegan community is growing. Making small changes like meatless Mondays and such. 


What are 3 goals for Vegan Girl with Curves?

  1. Show others that they can transition easy. 
  2. Share the benefits of going meatless and eating more plant based
  3. Bringing as many people together to share the health aspects of clean eating combining the spiritual aspect – mind, body and soul. Especially with in the African American American community. 

More of a natural eating lifestyle coupled with complete wellness. 

Follow for recipes and tips on how to transition to  vegan. 

This is my personal space to share my Vegan/plant based Journey. I will share Wellness tips and information, holistic health information, recipes, food ideas, workout information and more. Let’s explore together.

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