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I Founded a Comedy Festival Y’all!

I had an epiphany… DC has a festival, Baltimore has a festival….But Northern Virginia does not have a festival. So I created one.

“Showing You That Comedy Is More Than Just The Laughter” – Chandra Gore, Greater Northern Virginia Comedy and Film Festival Founder

Working with Brands + Influencers

Working with Brands + Influencers

How do I partner with brands and influencers? What are the benefits, pitfalls and best practices? Find out in this episode of “The Black Girl Startup.”


Networking Tips!

Getting out from behind your screen and meeting people is the key to growing your brand. Here are some tips to help you to successfully network!

Chandra Gore
Chandra Gore Consulting

Who is Chandra?!

Chandra Gore is an author and experienced entrepreneur who is the founder of multiple businesses. As a business consultant, Chandra works with entrepreneurs to help


You Deserve Joy

Suffering has no merit. Numbness cannot give birth to the art, products, or apps that will move the needle. Only you, without the alcoholic edits, can do that.

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